First reviews and console tests of Yakuza: Like a Dragon

One week before the release of Yakuza: Like a Dragon there were first reviews of the project (review โ€œIgromaniaโ€), as well as comparison of console versions. If you push back strictly from the ratings, the seventh part can be called almost the best โ€” it has about 87 points on aggregators, whereas previous issues mostly received from 80 to 85 points. Great start for softrebt with a new protagonist!Great praise received a new combat system โ€” to the place of action with hand-to-hand combat came turn-based battles in the style of Japanese role-playing games like classic Final Fantasy with its set companions and even magic.

All this is surprisingly successful with Yakuza. At the same time, the developers once again managed to maintain the traditionally strengths of the series – to create an interesting story with deep characters, which are revealed throughout passing.

The change of the main character also positively affected the narrative. Like a Dragon remains true to Yakuza: it is a game where at one moment you can empathize with the heavy fate of heroes, and at another – play arcade machines or perform comedy additional jobs.

And it all looks organic. Now lets go to technical analysis of console versions of the game from a small YouTube-channel Resero.

Xbox Series X Downloads โ€” 6 seconds Xbox One X โ€” 25 seconds PS4 โ€” 29 seconds PS4 Pro โ€” 48 seconds Xbox One โ€” 53 seconds. Performance on all consoles except basic Xbox One, everything is good โ€” the frame rate stated for each mode is consistently held and rarely drops lower.

Xbox One X and Xbox Series X have multiple modes โ€” with an increased resolution at 30 FPS or with a stable 60 FPS. The test authors note that the turn-based JRPG probably makes no sense to chase an increased frame rate to the detriment of resolution.

Xbox Series X โ€” 30 or 60 FPS Xbox One X โ€” 30 or 60 FPS PS4 โ€” 30 FPS PS4 Pro โ€” 30 FPS Xbox One โ€” 25-30 FPS visually, as in performance, the underdog remains the Xbox One. Theres a very low resolution and the whole image in the โ€œlozengesโ€.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is released on November 10 on PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. Release on PS5 will take place in early March.

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