First reviews call Xbox Series X a great but “boring” console

A few hours ago, there were the first reviews of Xbox Series X (review of Igromania), in which journalists told virtually nothing interesting. Everything important was already known before that. The console is called great — it is fast and silent.

There are a few big buts, however, which for active Xbox owners are likely to prove insignificant. First, the nextgen console simply does not have games at the start, which at least show its features a little.

The most impressive, partly bypassing the embargo, is called Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla. I play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on Xbox Series X and feel like I‘m playing PC.

If you’re looking to play 60 FPS, but you can‘t afford a gaming PC, it can be a good compromise, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier. In addition, Eurogamer editor Tom Phillips notes that the download speed of Valgalla on the Xbox Series X is simply astounding.

Huge and filled world in RPG loads in 5 seconds or instantly thanks to the Quick Resume feature Second, the console is boring. In the sense that it doesn’t offer a really new experience, but feels like the third generation of Xbox One after Xbox One X.

The fact that the interface and controller have remained virtually unchanged, only reinforces that impression. At the same time, do not forget – the console is powerful and fast.

But everything she offers at the start is available on other platforms. Right now it‘s a great buy for those who have missed out on a lot of old releases or have been in the ecosystem for a long time.

The rest are advised to wait until after the first major releases of Microsoft itself. At least before Halo Infinite.

In addition, the excellent backward compatibility and Quick Resume function are praised — although it works with errors, so unconditionally rely on it until it comes out. But in general, the ability to freeze several games at once and quickly switch between them is very time-saving.

What else? Ah yes, Xbox Series S!With the younger version, it’s more complicated. On paper, the only difference Es from X-Men should be resolution, but Jason Schreyer in a review for Bloomberg notes that the same Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla on Series S works at 30 FPS — as on Xbox One and PS4.

Series X and PS5 are 60 FPS. Another disadvantage is called the small volume of the drive.

Only 364 gigabytes are available to users. However, there is also good news: Some games on Series S weigh less: Gears 5:76.

4GB on Xbox One 71. 9GB on Xbox Series X 55.

12GB on Xbox Series S Forza Horizon 4:84. 6GB on Xbox One 81.

9 GB on Xbox Series X 71. 4 GB on Xbox Series X.

Whether not only Microsoft studios will care about optimizing customer size is an open question. In addition, among the cons note that it is already at the start the console mainly works in 1080p, although Microsoft declared the goal in 1440p — apparently, the developers decided to prioritize inach.

Many, by the way,liked the minimalistic design of the Xbox Series S — it is less than not only giants in the face of Series X and PlayStation 5, but also consoles of the current generation. You can easily fit it into the living room.

You don’t have to break your head. However, while Series S is difficult to talk about.

It‘s a next-generation console that can support for residual effect, focusing on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Every dignity has its own compromise, but now it is the lowest ticket to the necstgen with all the features of the senior console — fast SSD, freeze at once several games and the like.

Only time will show how much the system will be in demand among developers and players. More on CCeit The Last of Us Part II was not one of the top ten games of the generation according to Edge Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will replenish the EA Play library on PS4, Xbox and PC as early as November 10 PlayStation 5 on release day won’t sell in retail stores.