First snow in southwest, smoothness warnings

In the south of the country it started snowing. It does not work very hard, but in Zeeland and South Holland there is a thin layer in many places. It is expected that the snow will expand north in the next few hours.

Most snow is likely to fall in the south and southwest; the more north, the less it falls. The expected quantities range from 2 to 5 centimeters.

On social media, people share pictures of the snow:

The ANWB and Rijkswaterstaat warn road users of smoothness due to winter rainfall.

Rijkswaterstaat previously announced that it is ready with more than 500 scatters and 350 snow plowers. In Zeeland and Zuid-Holland, the first scattering trucks went out this morning before snowing to sprinkle preventively. Rijkswaterstaat calls on road users to keep an eye on the weather forecast and traffic information.

Today the temperature is around 1 degree, and during snowfall the light freezes. Tomorrow morning some wet snow or rain will fall in the far east, elsewhere the thaw will already take place.

Due to the expected snowfall, the KNMI issued a weather warning (code yellow) for road smoothness.