First trial Kosovo tribunal in The Hague starts in September

The first trial of the Kosovo Tribunal in The Hague will start in September. Former rebel leader Salih Mustafa then stands trial for war crimes, including killing a prisoner, arbitrary arrests and torturing arrested civilians.

Last year, the guerrilla leader was arrested and transferred to The Hague. On September 15, his trial will start there, including witnesses. Thats what the Kosovo Tribunal announced.

Mustafa was a commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK), an ethnic-Albanian movement that fought the Serbian army for independence during the Kosovo War in the late 90s. Mustafa led a group of fighters in a region in the northeastern part of the country.


Established six years ago, the tribunal looks at war crimes committed in Kosovo between 1998 and 2000, and suspects from Serbia will also be prosecuted. The Kosovo conflict has cost 13,000 lives.

The Kosovo former President Hashim Thaci has also been charged by the tribunal for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Because of that charge, he reacted last year.