First UFO Hearing in U.S. Half-Century: Pentagon Investigates 400 Reports

For the first time in more than half a century, US national politics has been publicly discussing UFOs. Two senior Pentagon intelligence officials spoke publicly in the Capitol before a committee containing members of the House of Representatives about numerous sightings for which the US military has no explanation.

The database of reports of unidentified flying objects has around 400 occurrences, officials said. One of the Pentagon leaders, Secretary of State for Intelligence Ronald Moultrie, said that for most observations, through thorough analysis, there is ultimately an explanation.

That doesn‘t apply to a small number of incidents, he said. As an example, he cited a 2004 report, in which a fighter jet pilot who had taken off from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean saw an object descend many hundreds of meters, stop, and then float.

The hearing also shared a video of a spherical object shearing past a fighter jet for the first time:

Especially occurrences where there is an inexplicable flight or apparently no propulsion can be seen, lead to questions in the Pentagon. โ€œSo they interest us the most,โ€ said Scott Bray, deputy intelligence director of the US Navy, in the hearing with the politicians that was partly behind closed doors.

By the way, Bray emphasized not to think of aliens. According to him, there is no evidence that points to anything alien and no attempt has been made to communicate with the UFO’s.

He also explained that the recent increase in the number of reports can be explained by, among other things, the increasing use of drones and increasingly sophisticated sensors and observation technology.

UFO turnaround

In 1969, American politics had last considered UFO‘s in a similar, public way. At that time, it was a long-term investigation by the US Air Force into UFO sightings; the so-called Project Blue Book. That ended without any significant conclusions. For most of the observations were logical explanations, the researchers stated.

Today’s hearing underlined the changed sentiment in American politics about UFOs. For decades, hardly anything was shared about โ€œflying saucersโ€, as they were called within the Pentagon. Because of that skeptical view, the threshold for pilots, for example, to make a report was long high.

Particularly from politics – both from the Republican and Democratic angles – the pressure on the Pentagon has grown in recent years to conduct more and more serious investigations into the incidents. In particular, whether American security is at risk, because countries such as China and Russia might be experimenting with technology, for example.

That other way of thinking has an effect. In the meantime, pilots are being encouraged to pass on sightings and two years ago, the Pentagon suddenly released three videos of unidentified flying objects. Last year, a report was added containing 144 โ€œunidentified phenomena in the airโ€ (UAPS).