Fishermans Friend Heiress leaves millions of Fleetwood hometown

The English coastal town of Fleetwood has received a fortune from a businesswoman. Doreen Lofthouse, who was responsible for Fishermans Friends global fame, left ยฃ41.4 million (48.9 million euros) to her hometown. The money is intended to be used for the development of the village. Lofthouse passed away in March, she was 91.

Fleetwood lives around 26,000 people according to the last census (2011). The money is managed by the Lofthouse Foundation, which the family founded in 1994 for the benefit of the village. The congregation calls the donation โ€œincredibleโ€ and says it is โ€œoverwhelmed by the generosityโ€. The money is used, among other things, to attract more tourists to the coastal town.

Doreen Lofthouse married Tony Lofthouse, grandson of the founder of Fishermans Friend in 1963, the candy whose tears can pop you into the eye in the bag with the fishing boat on it. It is known that British former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took them when she had a sore throat of her speeches and French President Emmanuel Macron also swears by it.

Under Lofthouse leadership, the company started selling the cough pastilles through other stores. Until then, that only happened directly from the factory. Slowly but surely, the brand spread around the world and developed into a large group. The sweets are now available for sale in 120 countries and Lofthouse has an annual turnover of around ยฃ55 million.

Mother of Fleetwood

Doreen Lofthouse was known as โ€œFleetwoods motherโ€. She also contributed a lot to putting the village on the map in life. Over the last thirty years, tens of millions went to projects in the municipality. For example, the local football association got light towers and the rescue brigade a lifeboat. Lofthouse also presented various works of art to the village, including a welcome home image for the fishing families.

โ€œShe was an extraordinary woman and a beloved appearance in the village,โ€ said President Margaret Daniels of the Fleetwood entrepreneurial association when she passed away.

When she passed away in March, many called for a permanent memento of her. The municipality looks at the possibilities in consultation with the family.