Fishermen found a week after missing at sea: ‘A miracle’

Two Australian fishermen spent almost a week floating on the open sea. The men suffered engine trouble during a 300 kilometre trip. When they were reported missing, the police searched several times in vain. But that suddenly changed on Wednesday night. We were close to the estuary when the police showed up,” one of them says.

After five days off the radar, 57-year-old Tony Higgins and 48-year-old Derek Robinson appeared to be in good health. Thats what 9News reports. The station calls it a miracle and speaks of the largest South Australian maritime search in history.

Robinson was the first to return to the mainland. The man fell directly into the arms of his loved ones. “Emotionally, very emotionally. I knew I would see them again but I had no idea when, Robinson said to the Australian medium.

I am glad to be back. Im back on solid ground now, but it still feels like my legs are wobbling all the time, he continues.

The ordeal began last Thursday after they left Coffin Bay near Port Lincoln at around 3pm. Robinson and his fishing buddy said they still knew where they were during the trip. However, the current did not bring them any closer to the coast. Moreover, because they had no reception, the two missing persons could not come into contact with the outside world. One would think of technology. But theres no signal at all

In the end, emergency services found the men near Salt Creek anyway. After a six-hour towing operation, their boat Margrel finally entered the harbour again. A group of dolphins followed the rescue operation for a while.