Fishing, mines, designers: Hokko Life went into early access

Single developer Wonderscope and Team17 publishing house announced an important event in the history of the simulator of peaceful life Hokko Life. The game appeared in early access Steam and sold for 739 rubles. Hokko Life is described as a cozy simulator of life and creativity.

Players have to settle in a nice provincial village and make friends. And in addition – to show all their creative abilities to make the town itself and the houses of anthropomorphic animals charming and cozy.

Resources for crafts we will mine in the forest whether abandoned mine. And in a powerful editor you can choose not only coloring, but also the design of furniture, clothing and jewelry.

The city can be expanded by erecting new buildings in vacant places, and new neighbors will settle in them. And at leisure you can go fishing or hunting for beetles and butterflies.

The authors of Hokko Life assure that they will keep the game in early access until its quality reaches the desired level. More on Gambling K Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III released a free prologue to Tools Up! released an extension Garden Party Episode 2: Tunnel Vision Complete the game from โ€œKanobuโ€, find the Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom!.