Five mountaineers in the Caucasus died

An ascent of Mount Elbroes in the Caucasus Mountains turned five people fatal on Thursday. Among other things, they were surprised by a blizzard, Russian authorities report.

The Elbroes is the highest mountain in Russia at 5642 metres. The mischief happened at an altitude of about 5000 meters. According to the ascent organizers, the group ended up in an โ€œunprecedented stormโ€ while descending.

One of the mountaineers broke his leg, making the descent even slower. Two people were frozen to death on the mountain. Two others became unconscious and died after being rescued from the mountain.

On the way out, a woman from the group of nineteen people had already become unwell. She died when she had descended with one of the guides before. The guides and a number of other participants are hospitalized with freezing symptoms.