Five new suspects for murder British journalist and Brazilian activist

The Brazilian police have five more suspects on the eye for involvement in the murder of British journalist Dom Philips and Brazilian government employee and activist Bruno Pereira, travelling with him. In total, there are now eight suspects, three of whom have already been arrested.

The suspects arrested are two brothers and a third who turned himself in to the police. The five new suspects allegedly helped hide the bodies.

The names of the new suspects have not been revealed. They have also not yet been arrested, but according to the British newspaper The Guardian, which Philips worked for, among other things, one of the detectives says that the investigation has been completed at 90 percent and the arrests will soon follow.

โ€œSuspects acted aloneโ€

The five suspects are said to be family members of the two brothers. The police are still waiting for an arrest warrant and hope to charge them with murder.

The police assume that the suspects acted alone and that there are no criminal organizations behind it. Activists in the Amazon are fighting that. The two victims were on an expedition together in the Brazilian Javari Valley, along the border with Peru. They would conduct interviews for a book about conservation in the area, which is home to a lot of illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking.

In that book, attention would also be paid to the violence against the original residents and the environmental problems associated with it. Besides being a researcher, Pereira was also an activist

The two were killed on June 5. Both were shot dead and hidden deep in the rainforest. Last Wednesday, the bodies were found at the report of one of the arrested suspects. He says hes responsible for the murders.