Five thousand inhabitants Bochum evacuated after find aircraft bomb

In the German city of Bochum, about five thousand inhabitants were evacuated on Thursday after the discovery of an aircraft bomb from the Second World War. The explosive was found during construction work.

Among other things, the citys central station in the Ruhr area had to be evacuated after the British aircraft bomb was found. The 10-tonne explosive was controlled in the evening to detonate, allowing the evacuators to return to their homes, according to the fire department.

The 5,000 evacuated lived within a 500-metre radius around the bomb site, in the centre of Bochum. Within that area there are also three hospitals and several nursing homes.

During the evacuation, the local authorities distributed around 3000 mouthcaps and 800 rapid tests were carried out on corona. The operation involved a total of 440 emergency staff, many of whom were volunteers.

It is regularly happening in Germany that large numbers of people in densely populated cities have to be evacuated after the discovery of a bomb from the Second World War. At the end of January, eight thousand inhabitants had to be evacuated in the Lower Saxon city of Göttingen so that four bombs could be defused.