Five tips for an original corona wedding

Organising a wedding in times of corona is, of course, very different from what we are used to. Fortunately, some people know how to turn it into a very special day. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to make your wedding go on in an original way!


This is perhaps the best-known and most popular way of celebrating a corona wedding; via a live stream. It doesn‘t give the same feeling as seeing your guests in real life, but at least it is a good alternative!

Corona decoration

If you have doubts about the decoration at your wedding, think about this type of sign. Super creative and original.


These two didn’t want to delay their love any longer, so they decided to let their wedding go ahead anyway, and in a very original way. Femke and Tim organised a drive-in wedding service. Via a large screen on a car park in Hoofddorp, the guests could still attend the wedding in their cars.

Window visit

Can only a maximum number of guests be present during the wedding service? Then you let the rest of them look out the window, right?

Fewer guests? More animals!

If you are a real animal lover, then there are certainly advantages to a corona wedding. You may be able to invite fewer guests, but there is even more room for your favourite animals!