Fixed contracts for 60,000 Italian meal couriers after intervention Justice

Four meal delivery companies are required to hire 60,000 couriers on permanent employment in Italy. In addition, they have to pay €733 million in fine for breaching health and safety standards at work.

It concerns the Italian departments of the international companies Just Eat, Uber Eats, Glovo and Deliveroo. Investigations have been carried out against six employers. Companies have one and a half months to put the courier‘s work situation in order, otherwise more serious sanctions will be threatened.


The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Milan wants to put an end to the exploitation of the couriers, who often deliver as much food as possible to people at home on a bicycle or moped against a hunger pay as soon as possible. It is time to say that they are citizens who are entitled to legal protection and are not slaves, said Prosecutor Francesco Greco. They played a fundamental role during the lockdown because they deliver food to people at home. Thanks to their work, many companies were able to survive.

Among the couriers are also many immigrants. Greco noticed that most of the couriers are just regular in Italy with a residence permit. But in this way it is deprived of any possibility of a future perspective.

Traffic accidents

Justice started the investigation after it appeared that several couriers, working under enormous time pressure in busy traffic, were found to be victims of road accidents. Research was carried out first in Milan and then throughout Italy on the working relationship of couriers. A special unit of the carabinieri even analyzed the position of a thousand couriers in one day.

Tax research is also carried out on the meal delivery companies. For example, many payments were made online where it was unclear where the money is received. Income may not have been reported to the tax authorities.