Flat Florida death toll collapse to 16, 147 more people missing

The death toll due to the collapse of a Florida apartment complex has risen to sixteen. The Mayor of Miami-Dade said Wednesday that four bodies were found last night. 147 more people are missing, says Daniella Levine Cava. It is not known if they were present in the Surfside building when it collapsed.

For now, no one has been pulled under the rubble alive, but there is still some hope. Rescuers did find openings formed under collapsed balconies. Some of these openings are large enough to crawl through, but no survivors have yet been found in it.

Surfside mayor Charles Burkett promised in an interview that the rescue teams will not leave anyone behind. โ€œWe‘re not at the bottom yet. We don’t know what‘s there. We’re not going to guess and don‘t make a life-of-death decision by just stopping searching for people who can still be alive under the rubble.โ€ According to him, the debris is shrinking sharply every day. Two specialized teams with dogs are also active.

As emergency services work, local media images show how waste vehicles take debris away from the site. Local authorities are currently concerned about debris falling off the remaining part of the building.

Forty years old

President Joe Biden visits the disaster site on Thursday with his wife Jill. โ€œIt’s an incredibly difficult time for the families who have to endure this tragedy,โ€ Biden said earlier.

The cause of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South complex is not yet clear. However, an engineer warned about major structural damage to the twelve-story building three years ago. The owners association warned in April that the damage in the parking garage had worsen and also reported damage to the roof. Work would soon begin on the forty-year-old complex.