Fled headpiece of far-right Golden Dawn picked up in Greece

In Athens, a fugitive headpiece of the Greek far-right party of Golden Dawn was arrested. 59-year-old parliamentarian Christos Pappas had been without a trace for nine months. He was fleeing in connection with the mega process against dozens of Golden Dawn members last October. A 52-year-old woman who hid him was also apprehended.

Pappas is one of nearly sixty members of the far-right political movement condemned in the trial. He was imposed for thirteen years in prison. He, party leader Michaloliakos and four other former parliamentarians received that punishment for running a criminal organization.

Other former politicians and members of Golden Dawn were convicted of murder attempts and weapons possession amongst others.


Pappas was the last party prominent that hadnt been arrested yet. Known as someone with excessive interest in Nazism, he was seen as an important ideological leader of Golden Dawn. He was once photographed with a Nazi flag and was also filmed while teaching children the Hitler greeting.

Golden Dawn was founded in the 80s, partly by Pappas, following the example of Adolf Hitlers NSDAP. In 2012, the party launched a fierce anti-immigration and anti-establishment program in the Greek Parliament. Three years later, Golden Dawn became the countrys third party.

In October last year, the judge ruled in the mega process that Golden Dawn was a criminal organization. The case was rolling after the neo-Nazi murder of the anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, who was very critical of the movement. Golden Dawn also had a war team that seriously abused Egyptian fishermen and communist trade unionists.