Flekken stays with Freiburg: ‘The national coach thinks you should play a lot’

Mark Flekken continues to play for SC Freiburg. The Dutch goalkeeper was able to speak of an excellent season, resulting in an Orange debut and enough foreign interest, but partly due to national coach Louis van Gaal, the closing post remains at his current club.
Flekken says this in conversation with BILD. Among other things, the goalkeeper was able to go to Brentford: the English club was pretty thirteenth in the Premier League and was interested in the brand new international. However, 29-year-old Flekken decided to stay with Freiburg. “The national coach thinks it is very important that you get to play regularly. I just have to do well here. Dont sit in a sun lounger next to the pole, but that certainly doesnt happen in Freiburg,” says Flekken, who would like to keep his place in the Dutch national team.
“I did look around,” Flekken admits. At 29 years old, the goalkeeper normally has a few years to go before phasing out. “I dont think Im at the end of my career, but theres also a lot in Freiburgs favor. I dont want to take too much risk,” Flekken concludes.