Fleming flies to Las Vegas for vaccine: ‘I have my freedom back in less than 24 hours’

Last Tuesday, the Flemish Cain Ransbottyn (42) signed up from Belgium for a shot in a random vaccination centre in Las Vegas. Only 24 hours later, the Antwerpenaar received Moderna‘s vaccine there, reports Het Nieuwsblad. โ€œI got on a plane and less than a day later I have my freedom back, it’s fantastic.โ€

For the

time being, it is not allowed to make a non-essential trip from Belgium, but thanks to his American visa Cain Ransbottyn from Brasschaat can do it. It gave him the idea to get vaccinated on American soil. โ€œI had had it all with the coronation policy that Belgium has. I think the vaccination strategy is absurd.โ€

Then Ransbottyn decided to take a different approach. On Tuesday, he registered online at a vaccination center in Las Vegas and booked a plane ticket. โ€œA few hours later I took off from Zaventem. I landed, went to the vaccination center and got my shot,โ€ he says. โ€œI have secured my health in less than 24 hours. In Belgium it takes 24 weeks, but in the United States they do know how to tackle.โ€

Amusement Park

Ransbottyn did not count on one thing: the Johnson & Johnson vaccine break after six cases of blood clots and low platelets in the US were revealed. โ€œThat news seeped in right before I stepped on the plane. On the one hand, I think it is a good thing that America reacts so quickly and decides not to administer the vaccine again, and on the other hand, it upset my plans. I had expected that I would only need one shot, now I have to return again within four weeks for a second shot of the Moderna vaccine.โ€ The fact that he lost a large amount of money on plane tickets is worth it to him. โ€œActually, the Belgian government should pay for this, but that will not happen. Yet I am glad to have taken my health into my own hands.โ€

The vaccination itself went flawlessly. Ransbottyn thought himself in an amusement park. โ€œYou are encouraged here when you come to get a shot,โ€ he says. โ€œAnd when it‘s over, they call ‘happy vaccination day‘ and encourage you to send family and friends. It’s all very American, but the atmosphere is fantastic. Afterwards, I went to get a doughnut.โ€ In the coming days, many restaurants and even a pool party will follow. โ€œAlmost everyone has been vaccinated here, it‘s really safe.โ€ When he lands in Belgium within a few days, the sobering follows: a corontest and a week of quarantine. โ€œAnd that while I’ve been vaccinated, it‘s the reverse world.โ€

Ransbottyn filmed the whole adventure and posted the vlog on YouTube. By the way, Cain’s not shy about a stunt. In the past, he has already hit the press several times by taking on challenges or taking on policies. Recently, he invited an escort to cut his hair.