Flemish actress Sien Diels – ‘Sien’ from Sesame Street – deceased

Belgian actress Sien Diels passed away at the age of 74, reports Flemish broadcaster VRT. She rose to prominence for her performance on Sesame Street, in which she played the character Sien for a whopping 36 years.

Sesamstraat started as a Belgian-Dutch co-production, which meant that a Flemish actor should also play one of the leading roles. Diels performed the role of mother figure of the well-known dolls in Sesame Street from 1976 to 2012. She ran the shop where residents ran their groceries.

Diels, who switched from theatre to television in the mid-1970s, also played roles in other TV shows, mostly broadcast by the VRT. She was seen in F.C. The Champions, Flikken, Witse and the Deed. She also taught acting at the Conservatory in Mechelen until her retirement in 2010.