Flemish government wants extra prick for entire population

The Flemish government wants to offer the entire population an extra shot against the coronavirus. For the people who received Moderna or Pfizer, this will be the third shot; those who were vaccinated with Janssen will be given a second vaccination.

Previously, it was already decided that anyone with weak health and all the over 65s can get an extra jab. That should now be possible for all Flemings 12 years and older.

Minister Beke van Welfare said at Flemish broadcaster VRT that it is an important step due to the rising infection rates. โ€œWe are increasingly seeing evidence that a third jab can help us keep people out of hospitals.โ€

Health Care Staff

According to the minister, there is a high demand for the extra jab, for example among healthcare personnel. โ€œThey need this to keep doing their job. We also see that other countries are going to give the third shot, and there are plenty of arguments to do this here as well.โ€

Before a final decision, the government is still waiting for an opinion from the High Health Council, the governments scientific advisory body.

According to the Dutch government, an additional prick for the entire population, as a boost from previous vaccinations, is not yet necessary, even for the elderly. People with weak health will be offered a booster shot.