Flight 180 evacuees from Afghanistan on the way to Schiphol Airport

There are currently 180 people on a Defense transport plane on their way to Schiphol Airport. Thats what the ministry says on Twitter.

According to Defense, it is unclear who exactly is on board and how many people have the Netherlands as their final destination. The flight lands around 3.30 p.m.

Judging by the tail number in the picture Defense posted to the message, the plane is on its way from Islamabad in Pakistan, but the Ministry wants to โ€œconfirm nor denyโ€ that.

Another aircraft departed from Kabul this morning with 70 passengers on board. Defense has not disclosed the nationality of the people on board that flight. Last night there was a flight of 53 people departed from Kabul with one Dutch on board, a 50-passenger flight departed last night.

It is unclear whether passengers from tonight and last nights flights are now on the flight of 180 people to the Netherlands.

A flight arrived at Schiphol on Wednesday. Then it was a C-17 transport plane. This time its an Airbus A330 MRTT.

There is no clear overview of how many Dutch and Afghans who helped the Netherlands have already come to the Netherlands or are on their way.

NATO: 18,000 Evacuations

In total, 18,000 people have now been evacuated from Kabul, says NATO. But there are still lots of people waiting to leave the country. NATO hopes that the number of evacuations will double this weekend.

6000 people went through all the formalities to leave the country, says America. This concerns people of American nationality, but also with other nationalities. It is unknown how many Dutch and Afghans are among 6,000 people.

Military evacuation flights depart from Kabul on a daily basis. Many Afghan citizens try to flee the country in despair while the Taliban is in power. This makes the situation around Kabul Airport so complicated: