Flood hits Austrian place Hallein

Austria can also talk about flooding. Unprecedented heavy rainfall turned a stream into a ferocious swirling stream, flooding parts of downtown Hallein. Video footage distributed through social media shows that a flood is flooding the town near Salzburg and carries cars and fences, among other things.

Rescue workers used boats and trucks to save people trapped in their homes. According to the fire brigade, there were no reports of missing, injured or deaths at the end of Saturday night. According to the authorities, water levels have fallen by now.

โ€œThe situation is very critical, partly dramatic,โ€ a police spokesman said earlier Saturday night. The population was warned of the expected extreme conditions and recommended not to sit in the basement. Mayor Alexander Stangassinger spoke of a catastrophe earlier, says Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper. In a school, an emergency center is set up for people who dont have a shelter.

Other parts of Austria, such as Tyrol and the capital Vienna, have also been affected by storm weather. In some places, 80 millimeters of rain fell in a short period of time.

In the city of Salzburg, a waterbarrier was built along the Salzach River as a precaution. In Kufstein, people were called on not to leave buildings and retreat to higher floors. In the urban area, the water from the Inn tributaries has already reached the streets. A street was closed due to possible landslides.

Rain and thunderstorms underwater basements and tunnels in Vienna. The fire brigade had to take action there more than 500 times.