Floods death toll Turkey extends to over 60

The flood death toll in northern Turkey has risen above sixty. According to the authorities, at least 62 people were killed by the sudden and heavy rains in villages near the Black Sea. That‘s eleven more than a day before.

In Kastamonu Province, at least 52 people died from the floods. Nine deaths fell in Sinop Province and one person died in Bartin.

Authorities are still looking for missing people. More than 2300 people have been evacuated from the affected area, including helicopters and boats.

The floods caused by heavy rains on Tuesdays and Wednesdays came when Turkey had just recovered from heavy forest fires in the south. It’s cork dry and hot. The fire demanded at least eight lives and destroyed coastal tourist areas.

The abundant rainfall in the north also led to landslides. This resulted in hundreds of villages running out of power. Many roads and bridges have been destroyed or so severely damaged that they can no longer be used.

The area is more likely to be affected by summer floods after heavy rains. Last year, five people were killed because of a storm.