Florence riots: Twente spokesperson denies fans were stabbed

Prior to FC Twentes Conference League game at Fiorentina, fans of both clubs were successful. According to social media reports, Enschede supporters are said to have been stabbed by Italian hooligans, but the Tukkers spokesperson calls that nonsense.
Footage shows how a group of Twente fans flee.

According to various media, FC Twente supporters are said to have been stabbed in Florence, but these reports are nonsense according to the spokesman of FC Twente. #rtvoost
โ€” RTV East Sport (@rtvoostsport) August 18, 2022

From various sources, it has just been reported to us that several Twente supporters have been stabbed in Florence. #FiorentinaTwente #fiotwe More information: https://t.co/9ieK0okNPF pic.twitter.com/6oXcGVVKmg
โ€” Football Ultras (@VoetbalUltras) August 18, 2022