Florida death toll rises to 24, property remains are demolished

The death toll caused by the collapse of a Florida apartment building has risen to 24, and rescuers took two more deaths from under the rubble on Saturday. A day earlier, four bodies were recovered. The number of missing persons now stands at 124, Governor Ron DeSantis of the U.S. state of Florida wants to demolish the remains of the property before Hurricane Elsa, probably Tuesday, arrives in South Florida.

โ€œIf the building is demolished, it will protect our rescue workers because we dont know when it could fall over. And of course, with these gusts of gusts, that could be a very serious danger,โ€ said DeSantis at a press conference. โ€œOur mission is to accomplish this as soon as possible.โ€ The costs for the work will be reimbursed by the state.

The Governor said experts told him that the demolition can be carried out within 36 hours and thus lead to โ€œminimal work interruptionsโ€ for the rescue workers. He didnt give a specific date when the remains go down. After talking to DeSantis, the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, said the contract was signed to begin demolition.

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The quest in the ruins was temporarily shut down on Thursday for fear that the remaining part of the twelve-story building would collapse as well. But from Friday, work resumed. Elsa is on its way to South Florida and is likely to land as a tropical storm on Tuesday. Rescuers are trying to get as far as possible before that time. Chances are theyll find survivors. Except shortly after the building collapsed last week, no one was found alive under the rubble.

In Miami Beach, a second residential building, with 156 apartments, was evacuated for security reasons on Friday. According to the authorities, this was decided after engineers discovered problems with concrete construction and wiring.