FNV wants contract and back pay for Deliveroo deliverers

Trade union FNV drags meal delivery boy Deliveroo to court again. FNV demands an indefinite contract for two meal deliverers. In addition, the deliverers must receive back wages on the basis of the CAO Beroepsgoederenvervoer (collective labour agreement for the transport of professional goods), according to the union

Deliveroo decided in 2017 to only hire freelancers as delivery personnel. According to the company, delivery staff were given much more freedom to do their own work. But in 2019 the court ruled that the Deliveroo deliverers are bogus self-employed and should be paid according to the CAO.


“It’s not just about money. It’s also a piece of security that you get,” says Debbie Berendsen, one of the two deliverymen who is now demanding employment with the help of the FNV. “The disadvantage of being a freelancer is that you don’t get paid if you are sick or have had an accident Even if she does work, it remains uncertain. “Sometimes the client cancels the order in between, then you get nothing.”

A contract would remove that uncertainty. Berendsen would also benefit financially. Now she brings pizzas, Indian curries and sandwiches to Arnhem for sometimes 4 to 5 euros per ride. “As a meal deliverer you work a lot in the evenings and weekends. Then, according to the CAO, you just get surcharges.”

‘Majority wants independence’

In addition, the meal deliverers are not entrepreneurs, says FNV director Joris den Ouden. “They can’t negotiate their tariff and Deliveroo decides how to do their work. As a result, they are not entrepreneurs and therefore employees, because labour law does not offer any more flavours