Footage of new ‘Cinderella’ with Billy Porter as a fairy has emerged on the network

The network has seen the first footage of the new musical version of โ€œCinderella,โ€ which will premiere in September on Amazon. The main role is performed by singer Camila Kabeyo – it will be her debut in the cinema, and the party of the prince withdrew to Nikolas Golitsyn (โ€œNerves at the limitโ€) . The most unusual choice for the role concerns Billy Porter (โ€œAmerican Horror Story: Apocalypseโ€) – he plays fairy-godly, and casting has already caused scandals on the network several times.

Kay Cannon is responsible for directing the project (โ€œThere will be no sex!!! โ€œ), and the painting will also be played by James Corden, Pierce Brosnan and Idina Menzel. More on CCeit Rumor: Dishonored authors are working on a grim Omen game with vampires Turns out that Chromy from World of Warcraft is transgender character Circulation House Flipper exceeded & nbsp; 2.

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