Football Manager Series Circulation Exceeds 33 Million

Sports Interactives head of studio Miles Jacobson, who also heads the production of the Football Manager series, announced an impressive achievement. The total circulation of the series exceeded 33 million copies – to be precise, 33. 3 million.

The announcement he accompanied the image of the gold record on 33 1/3 revolutions. The history of Football Manager began in 2004.

Before that, Sports Interactive produced games of the same direction under the label Championship Manager, but in 2003 the collaboration with the publishing house Eidos ended, and the studio had to pick up a new name. the fresh part of the series, Football Manager 2021, is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Its offshoots, Football Manager Touch 2021 and Football Manager Mobile 2021, came out on mobile devices, Touch also released on Nintendo Switch and RS. In January, the head of Sports Interactive announced that Football Manager 2021 achieved million-dollar sales faster than any other part of the series.

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