Football Mode Testing Begin at PUBG

PlayerUnknown‘s Battlegrounds developers introduced Futsal Football Mode, which has already started testing under PUBG Labs. In Futsal mode, two teams of four players each have to play two halves of five minutes. The team with the highest number of goals wins.

In case of a draw, the teams will play an additional three minutes. If the winner is undecided after extra time, the team with the most kills will win or the team with the best player of the match.

The faster the player moves when in contact with the ball, the farther that goes. Running needs to be used for a hit and a long run.

The rules do not prohibit infringement, so players can attack opponents or be in a position outside the game. Every 30 seconds a Buff Zone appears on the field, where players can get amplifications and weapons.

In addition, there is a Penalty Zone on the pitch where players are revived and where the shield appears. The shield can only be used in the Penalty Zone to defend the goal or repel opponents.

The player with the highest number of goals scored can turn into South Korean footballer Son Heun-min. This player will receive maximum boost with extra speed before the end of the match.

If someone else can break out, it will become Song Heun Min. The Futsal Mode testing will end on August 2 at 5pm MSC.

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