Football: ‘Team without weak points wins the Champions League

How entertaining was the Champions League final in which Bayern Munich won 1-0 from Paris Sint-Germain? That’s what the CCeit Football Podcast is about with Arno Vermeulen, Jeroen Elshoff, Jeroen Stekelenburg and Arman Avsaroglu.

And opinions on the entertainment of the competition are divided. Avsaroglu says he won’t remember this match for long, while Elshoff and Stekelenburg can appreciate Bayern’s tactics.

On Neymar they all agree, that Sunday was not good enough. “I think he should pull a match like that, as the big star of a team. He still misses that,” says Elshoff.

From now on always a decision game

Because of the corona crisis, the tournament was also drastically changed. No back and forth matches, but an actual knockout phase. There are even rumours that this is the future for the Champions League.

Elshoff thinks it’s a good idea. “It’s nice to have the decision in one evening,” he believes. Avsaroglu, at second glance, it seems nothing. “I was in favour at first, but now I’m against. Such a game would have to be played on neutral ground. It would be a shame for a club that they can’t play their European matches in their own stadium.”

Naturally the commentators also look back on the final of the Europa League, in which Luuk de Jong claimed a leading role with two goals for Seville. The Spanish club won with 3-2 from Internazionale.

And there is also looking ahead to the premier league, because what can the new purchases of FC Utrecht do? Has the team achieved enough reinforcements to compete for a place in the top five? Arno Vermeulen thinks FC Utrecht has become very strong. “You may also wonder whether they are less than AZ, Feyenoord or even PSV. In a good year they might be able to compete in third place.”

And can AZ and PSV make a fist against Ajax? The Amsterdammers seem to have impeccable preparation, in contrast to their competitors from Eindhoven and Alkmaar