For Airborne Kingdom prepared the mode of “New Game+”

Studio The Wandering Band released a 1. 3 update to Airborne Kingdom‘s celestial urban planning strategy. It is dedicated to improving the replayability of a successful project and adds a new mode, New Game+.

As usual, you can start an updated version of the passage only after the completion of the story campaign. To cope with the new challenges, you will need a good knowledge of the basics of the game, and the mode introduces a number of innovations in the game process.

In the game world it will become much harder to find resources, so every journey will have to plan carefully ahead. And to the places of receiving a new mission and its implementation will have to fly much further, and it is impossible to stay without fuel on the way.

The developers noticeably strengthened the elements of randomness in the New Game +. The player’s initial position, kingdom placement, missions, and many other factors can be very different from what was seen in the main game.

Players who have built any of the Miracles can gain an advantage in the New Gage+. It is provided by new city centers, from the start giving special bonuses: additional comfort, efficiency or insight.

Update 1. 3 is already available in Epic Games Store.

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