For Apex Legends presented “Arena” – its almost a separate game

Following last weeks teaser, Respawn fully unveiled Arena for Apex Legends. The developers position the mode almost as an independent game, which will potentially develop separately from the battle royal. The plot explanation is quite simple – we just saw it last week.

Ash of Titanfall 2 founded her own games with completely different rules. They became Arena.

The main goal of introducing the regime is the desire to shake up Apex Legends and attract a new audience. Conceptually, Arenas resemble Counter-Strike or Valorant: short 3-on-3 matches are divided into rounds.

To win it is necessary to win with a margin of two rounds, but there can be no more than nine rounds. In the event of protracted battles, it will become decisive.

In between rounds, players will have to purchase equipment and weapons (it can be improved), but at the beginning of each battle everything except the currency is reset. The better you play, the more points for the store give.

The pumping of weapons is simple – in fact the player chooses the rarity level of equipment and the scope. At the start there will be two permanent Arena – they are inspired known locations, but their structure is completely unique to the mode.

In addition, developers plan to rotate ready-made levels from battle royal maps. In the gameplay video of the ninth season, which in Respawn considered something like Apex Legends 2.

0, also presents a new heroine (Valkyria), a tension bow, features of a battle pass and the like. Apex Legends: Legacy kicks off May 4.

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