For Diablo 2 was really preparing a second addition

Former co-founder and president of Blizzard North David Brevik confirmed that for Diablo 2 was really preparing a second addendum. Adjustment: The part about ARPG and MMO concerned the first version of Diablo 3, and not add-ons. The author had a document on his hands that described new mechanics, classes, locations and elements of history.

However, fresh content was never put into production. Brevik added that, according to his memories, a new class should have appeared in addition – Cleric.

The developer said that he worked on the material for 6-12 months before he left Blizzard North. All this happened before the release of patch 1.

10, and the team then worked on its version of Diablo 3 (later it was relaunched by Blizzard Entertainment) and other unannounced project. The author added that in process of work the team used some developments of the project for Marvel Heroes โ€” since initially their version of Diablo 3 represented a mix of ARPG and MMO.

The second was about the number of simultaneous players, not the WOW. style format.

According to a new book about Blizzard, the authors wanted to give players the opportunity to create clans by going through quests together. Over time, new guild rooms and opportunities to work with the clan would have opened.

However, in the end, all ideas were abandoned in favor of the new Diablo 3. More on Gambling Netflix will release a documentary series about pirates The Lost Pirate Kingdom Top 5 best barrows in Cyberpunk 2077 Games for PS4 like Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077 sell with big discounts.