“For Dick Lawyer, I’m always there. When he calls me, I’ll go right there.”

Zeljko Petrovic is facing Dick Lawyer for the first time Sunday afternoon. The trainer of Willem II, who started the season as the right hand of De Kleine Generaal at Feyenoord, speaks of a strange feeling.

On Sunday, Lawyer and Petrovic will greet each other warmly, but will also face each other for the first time. Its really weird because you also play against a team of Dick and not just Feyenoord, says the Tricolores practitioner to ESPN. Everyone is looking forward to it, and so am I. Eek crazy feeling to play against him for the first time.
At the press conference prior to the competition, Lawyer already announced that he still had a lot of respect for his colleague. That feeling is mutual. I
m always there for Dick, he knows how I am and I know how he is. If he calls me and tells me to come somewhere tomorrow, Ill go right away. Im not asking what I want to earn or anything like that, thats not important.
Feyenoord and Willem II face each other in De Kuip on Sunday afternoon from 14.30 pm.

Zeljko Petroviä‡ â¤ï¸ Dick AdvocateFor Dick I am always ready pic.twitter.com/CBDA3M9N1e
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) February 12, 2021