For HBO, Max create new Sinister Dead โ€” but Ash wont

According to the media, New Line has officially launched a new part of โ€œSinister Deadโ€ into development that will tell its story โ€” Evil Dead Rise. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, who played the protagonist of Ashs franchise, will act as producers, however, the character himself does not appear in the story. The story will tell about two sisters in bad relations, who decide to meet again.

However, their reunion interrupts the demon rebellion, beginning to torment the heroines with nightmares and other unpleasant things. The lead roles will be performed by Alyssa Sutherland (โ€œVikingsโ€) and Lily Sullivan (โ€œThe Girl of Dreamsโ€), and the director and screenwriter will be Lee Cronin (โ€œ50 States of Fearโ€).

The picture is created for the HBO Max service. More on CCeit Gameplay Far Cry 6 will show on Friday Roger Craig Smith returned to voice Sonic โ€” 4 months after the departure of Injustice: Gods Among Us became the headliner Xbox Live Gold for June.