For HBO Max really create a series about John Constantine

Recent rumors turned out to be true โ€” studio J. J. Abrams Bad Robot is really working on a series about John Constantine for HBO Max.

The company works on the project together with WarnerMedia, and the role of the hero himself will be performed by a new young actor. The show will be a โ€œrelaunchโ€ of Constantines story, focusing on the horror elements of the original comics.

The rumor that the main character can change skin color, too, turned out to be true, although the actor for the role has not yet been found. Young screenwriter Guy Bolton is responsible for the plot of the project – he created the pilot, and the rest of the authors will gather later.

Abrams studio is also working on a series on โ€œDark Justice Leagueโ€ โ€” in theory it is possible that two projects will exist in the same universe. More on CCeit Tim Burton creates a series on โ€œThe Addams Familyโ€ for Netflix Gambling is looking for a specialist on gaming hardware Review Olija.

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