For “Justice League,” Snyder filmed only about 5 minutes of new scenes

In a fresh interview, Zack Snyder said that for his version of Justice League in total, no more than 4-5 minutes were searched. Specifically, we are talking about new scenes, for which the director attracted most of the cast of the original. The figures turned out to be so small, because all the rest of the material needed to complete the tape was already at the directors hands – it only needed to be finalized.

Simply put, the timekeeping of the film will still be equal to four hours. He also revealed that this time there was no focus group, and the tape will be made without any interference in the authors vision.

By the way, in his version, the Joker, to whose image Jared Leto returned again, will be somewhat different from the image from Suicide Squad . The premiere of Snyders Justice League will take place on HBO Max in 2021.

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