For Mafia III, Daniel Vavra planned two playable heroes

Gangster action film Mafia III, which came out in 2016, took on for bugs, monotonous missions and an outdated picture. Few, however, criticized the plot and the setting. And, as it turned out, the game story could have been completely different.

Daniel Vavra, co-author of the first two parts of Mafia, once wrote the script and to Mafia III. And during the conversation on the Czech channel UM3L3C told about it a few details.

Starting with the fact that according to his idea in Mafia III there should have been two playable characters. Even before his departure from Illusion Softworks in 2009, Vavra presented 2K Games with a script in which parallel two heroes: a gangster and a policeman.

Their destinies had to be intertwined: in the role of the guardian of the law we would investigate the crimes of the second alter ego. According to Vavra, the task would not be simple, despite the fact that we already knew what and how committed by a criminal.

Unfortunately, studio management did not share the screenwriters enthusiasm. From his idea to the sequel only changed the time of action: 1960s.

According to Vavra, the script still has it, but the copyright belongs to 2K Games, so he is not sure if he can tell details. And, although he worked on the plot for a long time and worked out the details, the rejection of his version of Mafia III events was not the only reason for leaving the studio.

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