For many garden centres these are unprecedented times; turnover to record

A lot of garden centres in our country don’t know what’s happening to them. In the first half of this ‘corona year’ they experienced record transpositions. According to Tuinbranche Nederland and market researcher GfK, from January to June consumers spent over 800 million euros on flowers and plants, garden furniture, bbqs and roofs. This is an increase of 29 percent compared to the first half of 2019.

“Yes, a record turnover. We’ve never experienced this before”, says Brenda Horstra on behalf of the branch organisation.

Other than that, this cheerful mood does not belong in all garden centres. The companies in the border region, which often have to contend with German and Belgian customers, saw their turnover plummet in the second quarter because foreigners were not allowed to cross the border due to the corona measures. Horstra: “These sales are now attracting some attention, but they really have to come from very deep”

Tuincentrum Groenrijk in Tilburg – which talks about an increase in turnover of more than 25 percent – is still continuing its upward trend. “Even though it is now the end of August. People go on holiday less or not at all, and we benefit from that”, says owner Wim van de Noort.

“Only in the second week in March, when corona entered our country, we had something of a slight panic. But soon after, people came here to buy products to brighten up their homes and gardens. After all, everyone was housebound.”


Not only sales in his garden centre rose to great heights, the webshop also ‘exploded’. “We already had two websites, in February we launched the third one. It was unprecedented what happened. All in all, we hired ten extra people”, according to the entrepreneur this morning in the CCeit Radio 1 Journaal.

Van de Noort is happy. “Fortunately, we don’t have to make use of the support measures from The Hague.”