For Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin prepare a host of new monsters

Capcom released a release trailer for the Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin role-playing adventure. Once again, we are introduced to future characters who are to save the world by curbing and taming all the monsters that threaten it. The trailer also told you about waiting for the game next.

The first update will be released a week after release, and it will add a companion companion to Palamute from Monster Hunter Rise. Four more updates will come in August, September and October, and will bring a number of monsters.

Some of them are exclusively for cooperative passage. Another new Monster Hunter Stories 2 trailer: Wings of Ruin is dedicated to co-operative passage.

Players will be able to go on joint expeditions, explore territories, develop collaborative combat strategies, search for monsters lair, collect their eggs, and bring out new unique collaborations. Game is released July 9 on Nintendo Switch and on Steam.

The demo version is already available in the Nintendo store, and on RS it will be available by the time of release. More on CCeit What is there in Somalia? Pirates Job Pirate Simulator Announces War Hospital Developers Announces Collaboration with Imperial War Museum Hell Invades Heaven lets God charge hot water.