For Predator: Hunting Grounds released DLC with a new class – Predator-Valkyrie

Publishing house Sony Interactive Entertainment and developers from the studio IllFonic presented a new addition for the asymmetric multiplayer action movie Predator: Hunting Grounds. The main innovation DLC, which can be bought for 359 rubles in the PlayStation Store and 99 rubles in Epic Games Store, has become a predator-valkyrie. It is equipped with a two-handed hammer, to which the owners of the add-on will get early access.

Other players will be able to open the hammer from April 2021. Create private matches of the โ€œFightโ€ and โ€œHuntโ€ modes, which can be customized with special modifiers and rules, including jokes.

For example: Hard hunting mode with less health and interface elements. Ability set is limited.

The severity of wounds can only be determined visually. โ€œMoon Arrowโ€ mode in reduced gravity.

Lava on Earth mode, where the Predator will light up if you touch the earth. Finally, the update has fixed some bugs and made changes to the balance.

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