For the fantastic survival game CryoFall released the Single Player Update

Daedalic Entertainment and studio AtomicTorch have released a major update to the fantasy colony simulator with CryoFall survival elements. The R31 Single Player Update gives players the ability to set up local servers to play alone or with friends. You can run your own server both on a local network and with virtual network, such as Hamachi.

The innovation will also affect official servers: all of them are reset with the update and will be restarted on schedule: PVE servers every six weeks, PvP servers every three weeks Weeks. In addition, the update introduces a number of new innovations.

The colonists now have an ultimate goal: escape from an unfriendly planet by lining up a huge rocket. Players can now take advantage of the New Game+ mode, retaining their character to survive in the new worlds.

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