For the first time agenda and decision list of Council of Ministers public

For the first time, the National Information Service published the agenda of the Council of Ministers in advance. In the Council of Ministers, all ministers meet under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

Although the meeting has recently been online, and the cabinet is demissionary, there is a long list of items on the agenda.

You can read the calendar (in .pdf) yourself here.

In addition to hammerpieces, this includes the reduction of study costs related to corona, the military contribution to the NATO mission in Afghanistan, appointments and the childcare supplement affair.

This afternoon, after the Council of Ministers, the decisions were also made public for the first time.

Very Secret

The state of affairs during the Council of Ministers is laid down in rules of procedure. It says that what is said in the sitting is formally ‘very secret’. So what is literally said by the ministers must not be made public.

In response to the report of the parliamentary interrogation committee childcare allowance, the cabinet decided to publish a list of decisions on after the end of the ministerial council. Later it was decided to publish the agenda as well.