For the first time member Royal House waives allowance: ‘Good Social Antenna’

It has been the subject of discussion for years: the 1.6 million euro allowance to which Crown Princess Amalia has been entitled to since she was 18. Today, the princess announced that she will be reimbursing that amount for the time being. This makes her the first member of the Royal House to waive a legally valid allowance.

Royal household experts Rick Evers and Justine Marcella find that a clever decision, which takes the sting out of the longitudinal debate on this subject. For example, in April, three quarters of respondents in the annual Kings Day Survey found that Amalias allowance is too high. And in politics, the revenue of the royal family is on the table every year when dealing with the royal familys budget.

Evers, royal expert and author of a book on Mรกxima, believes that the allowance news is coming out at a strategic moment, due to the decreasing popularity figures of the royal family. โ€œBut I dont think the decision has to do with that necessarily. I think Amalia has a very well tuned social antenna. For example, she is committed to schoolmates who are bullied and has an eye for people who are quickly forgotten.โ€

The crown princess is in society with both legs, says Justine Marcella, editor in chief of the Vorsten magazine. โ€œOf course, returning the allowance contributes to the popularity of the royal family, but that wont be the reason. Amalia has shown her social involvement very young, for example by volunteering.โ€


was a similar issue in Belgium in 2019. It was then announced that Crown Princess Elisabeth, two years older than Amalia, would not receive an allowance of โ‚ฌ920,000 per year for the time being. Her parents, King Philip and Queen Mathilde, felt that their daughter should be able to study first, without the obligations associated with such an allowance.


editor-in-chief and royal connoisseur Marcella has the impression that Amalia made the choice himself. โ€œAlthough, of course, that was absolutely in consultation with her parents.โ€

Evers suspects that too. โ€œOf course you can think: she does this under pressure. But I really think Amalia decided this for myself. She grew up in a fairly normal way; attracts a lot with peers. Maybe someone said jealous: youve easily talked to your 1.6 million.โ€

Backpacking in Asia

He and Marcella both emphasize the good timing of the letter, right after her graduation and for her intermediate year. Evers: โ€œIf pictures of her appear later, backpacking in Asia or behind the bar of a restaurant in Patagonia, the Dutch dont have to say its of their money.โ€

It would be different if Amalia immediately started to represent the Netherlands after she was 18, like her parents, says Marcella. โ€œThen you are in office and you need a court, for example. But Amalia says: I want a gap year and I cant unite that with the money attributed to me. That seems very wise to me. And lets not forget: its not like mom and dad are in the assistance.โ€