For the victims of childcare supplement, its not an end story

How was it that the Tax Administration wrongly labeled thousands of parents as fraudsters for years? The beginning of that puzzle will be laid tomorrow. Then the 10-day hearings of the special interrogation committee will start with politicians and other stakeholders.

Dupts are not heard. Many are still involved in many years of legal struggle and are waiting for their money.

The first interrogation is tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. with Eva Gonzรกlez Pรฉrez, attorney at law collective Trias. This will be broadcast live on NPO Politiek

On the eve of the interrogations, DeccEit spoke to three victims, including Tamara Hardenbol. It is 2013 when she and her husband get a letter from the Tax Administration: 18,000 euros have to be repaid. Shortly before that, their youngest son died.

Seven years later, the unjustified stamp of fraudster is still vital:

Steve Kuipers has also been affected by the tax authorities. โ€œWe are no longer a stitch since 2014. No stitch,โ€ he says emotionally. Six years ago, the Almelee received the first blue envelope on the issue: more than 50,000 euros he and his wife had to pay back to the Tax Administration.

The couple would not have been entitled to the allowance for the care of two of their three children at a host parent agency in Eindhoven. An agency that was also set up as a fraud, along with hundreds of customers. Unjustly, it turned out in 2018.

โ€œEmotions run high.โ€

With the start of the interrogations, he takes stock. โ€œIts good that this committee is there and the bottom stone comes up,โ€ says Steve. โ€œBut everyone is really done with it. Im in an app group with other victims. As soon as something happens, emotions are still playing high.โ€

Steve got right after years of litigation. But the case still plays a role in his life. โ€œMy family has suffered seven years. Were labeled as a fraud. Pieces have been pulled out of my file. There has been no fair trial: all the resources have been used against innocent civilians.โ€


As the only victims in the so-called CAF-11 case, Steve and his wife never paid the recovery, but they always appealed. And with the result: last year the couple received compensation.

A nice sum, Steve says. โ€œBut too little for all these years suffering. My wife got health complaints, we went to work less. And when we wanted to apply for childcare allowance for our third child in 2016, we did not dare to do so because we were on a black list with the tax authorities.โ€


Who helped the Kuipers family enormously are politicians as CDA member Pieter Omtzigt, says Steve. โ€œHes been on the barricades for us for years.โ€ Trust in the rest of the government has plummeted to a zero point. โ€œThe Tax Administration says that they hope that trust will come back. But thats never gonna happen. I feel like theres a cross behind my name. I even fear payback time.โ€

Nazmiye Yigit-Karaduman also received an attack by the Tax Administration on the bus, in October 2013, whether she wanted to repay 32.000 euros childcare allowance within two weeks. Her children went to the fraudulent sheltert Ditferent Scheepje.

The Rotterdam filed an appeal and appeal, but lost every case. She has struggled to pay off those thousands of euros through a repayment scheme.

By being assessed as CAF case (a case of the Combiteam Approach Facilitators of the Tax Administration, red.), Yigit-Karaduman hoped to be compensated. โ€œI have received that commitment, but I have not received any money yet.โ€

Handy-cash loans

Because of the long-standing situation, Yigit-Karaduman is struggling with a lack of money. โ€œFor a year now, I have been tax debt-free. But since Ive had to pay so much, Ive barely been able to save. I also made a lot of handy-cash loans with friends and family in order to be able to live. Im still releasing that one.โ€

She finds it โ€œexcitingโ€ and is curious to see what will happen during the interrogations. โ€œBut I dont care about it much. Because I was working on it 24 hours a day last year, and that took its toll. Its kind of a circle I dont seem to be coming out of. Because I miss money, I cant get any further.โ€

As a result of the money stress, Yigit-Karaduman had a burnout for two years. Now shes trying to pick up things again, like her work as a pedagogical employee. โ€œI lost that job, also because I had no childcare anymore and had to stay home with the children. Going back into that sector is not an option: it is physically hard and I miss certain diplomas for which I have no money.โ€

The children of Yigit-Karaduman are now in high school. She wants to put the case behind her and move onwatch. But the fact that the compensation to which it is entitled, but not paid, does not help.

โ€œ I have wrongly paid around 30,000 euros over the years. I dont know how much exactly Ill get, but just give it to me. I keep being told: it comes, it comes. But that makes you so tired: you always strive for a date. First I had to prove Im innocent, and now that thats been established, I still get nothing.โ€