For these artists, corona was just a top time

Many artists sucks that they can no longer perform because of corona, but not for all musicians it is a difficult time. Some of them broke through in corona time and scored millions of streams.

Froukje is also doing well. She just made the music in her dorm room. Among other things, she wrote the song Bigger than me. That was about the climate and forest fires in Australia, but it became popular in corona times. Maybe because of the phrase โ€œthe world is in the fig.โ€

Rappers Qlas & Blacka broke through and even wrote a song about corona.

That became a big hit and now their songs have almost 100 million streams on Spotify. Something a lot of artists are jealous of.

In the video you can see more about Qlas & Blacka, Froukje and Yade Lauren.