“For those who didnt do this game even though he scored: Perr Schuurs”

Perr Schuurs scored a goal against Sparta, but made a bad turn with Kenneth Perez and Marciano Vink. According to the analyst duo, the Ajax defender was (partly) guilty of the counter-goals against Sparta.

According to Perez Schuurs should have done more to avoid Danzell Gravenberch‘s goals. The Limburger ran too far from the striker at the 4-1 and allowed himself to be trumped at the 4-2. For those who did not make this match even though he scored: Perr Schuurs. It was his husband twice. He doesn’t respond fast enough, says Perez shortly after the game at ESPN.
Fellow analyst Vink agrees with that. He, too, is critical of Schuurs. There is often talk about that Latino fire, and at times like this, he is short of it. He really misses the Latino fire.
Ajax won Sunday with 4-2 from Sparta.