For WoW flights: Shadowlands wont need a reputation with covenants

During BlizzConline confirmed all the news that became known in advance thanks to the leak: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will soon release the first content update โ€œChain of Domination & raquo;. But the company reported a number of additional details, many of which will seriously change the world of the Dark Land. This time Blizzard did not wait a year to open flights in a new addition.

Players will be able to climb into the air already in patch 9. 1.

And this does not require, as before, to maximize the reputation. All players who choose the covenant will be able to fly by all players who choose the covenant at the time of the opening of the flights will receive a special mount as a reward: centurion for curies, Ardenvelda serpent for night folk, cadaver fly for necrolordes and awakened stone-born for ventils.

Use the ride mount after the release of the update players will be able now and in the womb. It is promised to refit and expand.

And make it safer: in the course of some events in it will be the strength of covenants. In particular, it is already known about the emergence of a new region and Cortia, the City of Mysteries.

During its development, it will be possible to get new unseen mounts – for example, a driving severed arm. New floors and biomes will open in Torgaste.

In the course of BlizzConline released a new story trailer World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It contains serious spoilers to the events of โ€œChains of the Lordโ€ and explains why the model of Anduin Rinn, stuck in the womb of the Alliance King, has changed so radically.

At the same time, we learn some details of the Jailers family life. More on WoW Gambling: Wrath of the Lich King Classic can come out if players want Overwatch 2: new cards, hero pumping, story campaign, PvP and more Diablo II remake, rabble in Diablo IV โ€” that showed at the opening of BlizzConline.