Forbes: Arcane holds the lead in 52 countries โ€” but not in the US

Forbes drew attention to the fact that Arcane animation project based on League of Legends holds the lead in 52 countries. The popularity was probably influenced by the release of the latest three episodes, which took place on November 13. At first, after the release of its debut series, the animated series topped the top 38 countries.

Now their number has increased, but the project has not been able to achieve this success everywhere. In particular, in the rating of views in the United States, โ€œArcaneโ€ did not make it to the overall top of films and TV shows, while in a separate top for the latter it is only in the tenth place.

The first one is another animated series, Big Mouth. It was followed by other TV shows like Squid Game.

But among the films on all Netflix platforms, Red Notification is leading with Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. More at Gambling About parkour in Dying Light 2: Stay Human told by Storror group Until the end of November, 8 games will be added to Xbox Game Pass, including Evil Genius 2 and My Friend Pedro Authors Bloodlines 2 happy with development progress.