Forbes: Hollywood uses inclusiveness to restart franchises

Forbes has an article about Hollywood using racial and other diversity to justify restarting the already โ€œdyingโ€ franchise. According to author Scott Mendelsohn, the audience cares about similar issues in movies and series that they already wanted to see for other reasons before that. And studios give a chance for new authors, including those from ethnic groups, to work on different series when they are no longer interested in the audience โ€” thereby choosing opportunities for success in the industry and creating a picture of a โ€œliveโ€ franchise.

At the same time, some actors like Chris Hemsworth have more chances to continue their career after a series of failures than others. As an example, โ€œBumblebyโ€ or โ€œTerminator: Dark Fatesโ€ – people have already managed to โ€œburnโ€ on the restarts of โ€œTerminatorโ€, so the new film did not interest them.

The audience didn‘t want to see new parts of โ€œPeople in Blackโ€ and โ€œCharlie’s Angels,โ€ so fresh films failed, with the viewer instead watching past pictures of the series. According to the author, a similar fate awaits future films on Transformers and Superman with dark-skinned protagonists – viewers allegedly do not want to see another reboot of the story after several previous attempts.

As a counter-example is given โ€œAquamanโ€, which was shot by James Wang โ€” it was the first film of the franchise, which helped it become a hit, besides the audience found herself interested in this story and the sequel. If the film has had two restarts in the past, it would hardly happen like this.

To use diversity as a tool to attract the masses, from the author‘s point of view, is wrong, although it itself useful – for example, โ€œInsanely rich Asiansโ€ became a hit primarily because it was a comedy in the style of the 90s Hollywood, and not because of its cast. Now Hollywood is already supposedly strong was late with his tactics, and it’s unclear whether it would work at all during a period when star names no longer lure the audience into the cinema with the same force as before.

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