Foreigners without a mouthcap in Bali punished with push-ups

Foreigners who do not wear a mouthcap on the Indonesian island of Bali are at risk of being forced to push ups. This can be seen on images circulating on social media.

About thirty tourists who did not have money in their pocket to pay the fine of 100,000 rupiah (converted 5.86 euros) for not wearing a cap, had to do push-ups by the police. People without a mouthcap had to push themselves with their arms fifty times, the tourists who wore their mouthcaps wrong were forced to fifteen push-ups.


People who cannot afford a coronaboete in Jakarta were obliged to dig coronagraves in October or in some cases to lie in a coffin.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, foreign tourists in Bali have been banned, but tourists from Indonesia are welcome as well as foreigners who live on the island for a long time. Foreigners who violate the Coronare rules may be deported, but so far this has not happened.